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ELPC Network – AS7883

ELPC is a fiber and wireless ISP that offers connectivity and Cloud services to consumers and SMB’s in several administrative regions in Quebec, Canada.

Our Network

Our network is 100% IPv6 ready.

Standard clients recieve a /64 subnet delegation, where are SMB’s recieve a /56 or /48 static subnet.

To ensure network compatibility, clients may also recieve a dynamic IPv4 or be under a CG NAT.

Technical information


1. POPs

Main connectivity POP

2800 Route Transcanadienne, Pointe-Claire, QC (Hypertec / Hive Data Center )

Backup POP

1250 Rene-Levesque, Montreal, Quebec, Canada (Cologix MTL 3)

2. Subnets




3. Transit & Peering sessions

Upstream transits

Cogent – AS174

MetroOptic – AS29909

FibreNoire – AS22652


Hive Data Center Fabric – 20Gbps (2800 Trans-Canada)

QIX – Q3 2020


4. Performance testing

Looking glass and speedtest servers will soon be provided.

5. Other ressources

Contact information

1. Sales requests

For any transit, transport or hosting requests, contact our sales team at ventes (at)

2. Technical & abuse requests

For any technical or legal requests regarding our AS, contact our NOC team at noc (at) or